Golden Circle Gourmet Food Tour


The day begins with a drive through high temperature area with view of the magnificent landscape traveling on a mountain road with a overview of Lake Þingvallavatn and the Nesjavellir geothermal power plant in the mountains. We’ll drive towards the national park along the second largest lake in Iceland towards our next destination Alþingi, the oldest parliament in the world, which was established in 930 AD and a UNESCO World Heritige Site.

At Thingvellir we have a presentation of the historical significance of the area and then we will take a walk between the Eurasian and North-American tectonic plates along the famous drowning pool towards one of our favorite location of the natinoal park the waterfall named Öxarárfoss.

We continue the tour through the national park towards the Laugarvatn hot lake and from there we continue to the geyser area. At the famous hot springs we will take a walk through this high temperature area and one of them, called Strokkur, which erupts every few minutes, is a perfect Kodak moment of Iceland.

Our next stop is Gullfoss, or the Golden waterfalls- one of Iceland’s most spectacular waterfalls. We continue to the south coast and take a short stop at an old explosive crater called Kerið (the Tub) and then we drive towards Reykjavík city, bypassing a few small fishing villages overviewing the coastline, which has truly spectacular scenery, a mixture of black desert and the raw Atlantic ocean.

This tour is always customized based on your interest but also we have secret spots we will share on route that will make this day one you wont forget.


8 hours


Þingvellir National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site – Öxarárfoss – Efstidalur II Icelandic Farm. – Laugavatn Warm Lake our secret spot. – Famous hot springs of Geysir. – Gullfoss or the Golden Watefalls – Secret hot spring lagoon (entrance fee is included with Towels) – Greenhouse visit Friðheimar .

Meet the “Fantastic 4! Every single Private Gourmet Tour is a unique adventure.

Live & Love & Laugh with Local Legends!
We are humble, happy and proud of what we do. Our “job” is to have fun and make sure that everyone else has great fun!

We truly are FOODIES and as such, NIceland is a little “gourmet heaven” that is so much fun to enjoy. We love challenges and we can assure you that any type of food preferences will be met with joy and passion, and here we quote our good friend Pat Benatar: “Hit me with your best shot!”

It takes at least two to tango and we have the fortune of meeting great people from all over the world that allow us to dance like there is no tomorrow! Like one of our fellow “tango partners” put it: “This wasn’t a tour so much as it was an experience”.

The combined “superpowers” of the Fantastic 4 include:

Maximising joy every moment of “this thing called life”.

Passion for sharing our story, food, nature and culture with our fellow travellers.

Curiosity about the culture and personality of our “fellow travelling earthlings”


Bathing in a hot natural pool, THE best Tomato Soup & Bloody Mary from and IN the greenhouse, Gullfoss Waterfall & Geysir performs for us. We visit “no mans land” at Þingvellir national park. Locally made Hamburgers, Carpaccio and Ice Cream from a farmer… and a LOT more gourmet food & drinks during the day!



    Good shoes for walking or hiking – Fully charged battery – Hat and gloves – Your good mood – Your voucher


We personalize tours based on each family member’s interests because we understand that each family is different.

We work closely with you to ensure that your itinerary balances sophistication and fun, time together and time apart, and that it features activities that suit the interests and needs of everyone, be they toddlers, college-age children or great-grandparents.

Our travel specialists will find the perfect balance for your trip.

Let us make your day perfect!


Luxury Sedan


Viking Jeep

Ford Excursion LTD 1-7 Pax.




Icelimo Luxury Travel is a privately owned tour operator and pioneer of luxury transportation in Iceland since 1998.We are a small company by choice focusing on genuine life experiences sharing the natural beauty that Iceland has to offer to our growing family of customers.

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    We understand that each family is different so your Iceland family tours and itineraries are based on each family member’s interests. We work closely with you to ensure that your itinerary balances sophistication and fun, time together and time apart featuring activities that suit the interests and needs of everyone. From toddlers, college-age children or great-grandparents.

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    Your personal travel designer will always be one click or a call away, ready to adjust your agenda based on your requests. You are in total control and our team are on a mission creating your perfect Iceland trip.Your private guide and vehicle will be chosen to suit your agenda taking into account your interests and energy flow. Your local friend and expert will take care of you from the moment you land until the day you depart from Iceland.We want you to see and feel Iceland as the locals do. Your private guide will not just make you get the most of your visit to Iceland but will turned into one of the best travel experiences you could have ever done.

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Icelimo Luxury Travel is a privately owned tour operator DMC and pioneer of luxury transportation in Iceland since 1998.  The founders & owners are Ómar Djermoun and Sara Allansdóttir.